Setup personal website with Github page and custom domain.

1. Setup website in github page

Refer this post Creating and Hosting a Personal Site on GitHub to create a repository on github and publish it to GitHub Pages.

For demo purpose, I will use the repository of my personal website, see

2. Register domain from Godaddy

Visit, register account and search domains. image Add the domain you’re interested into shopping cart, and prepare to pay for it. image After you finish the payment, congratulations, you own the domain! image

3. Setup DNS

Now, it’s time to setup DNS for your new domain. Add A record to point the new domain(eg. to a specific IP. The below four IP addresses are for GitHub Pages.


In addition, add CNAME record to point the new domain(eg. to the existing github page domain(eg. image

4. Enable Custom Domain and SSL on GitHub

Go to the github repository. In Settings, input the custom domain and check ‘Enforce HTTPS’. image

The settings on GitHub and GoDaddy will be activated after a while. Visit the website with new domain Notice that the url always starts with https. image Portfolio page. image

5. Reference