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Setting up Jekyll on Ubuntu and macOS

Setup Jekyll on Ubuntu and macOS.

Cannot Start Jekyll at Specific Port

Handle error ‘Address Already in Use’ when starting Jekyll.

Jekyll - Liquid

Useful tricks of Liquid, which are used in Jekyll.

Jekyll - Usage and Customization

Customize Jekyll website.

Jekyll - Comments with Disqus

Use Disqus to enable reader to comment on Jekyll site.

Jekyll - Google Analytics - Draft

Use Google Analytics to track website traffic.

Jekyll - Social Share Buttons

Create share buttons for the most popular social medias.

Jekyll - Social Share Buttons with ShareThis

Integrate ShareThis to Jekyll website.

Continuously Deploy Jekyll Website to GitHub Pages with Travis-CI

Start continuous integration with Travis CI for Jekyll website.

Setting up Jekyll on Windows 10

Setup Jekyll on Windows 10.

Setting up Personal Website on GitHub Pages(Draft)

Introduce how to setup personal website on GitLab.

Setting up Personal Website on GitLab Pages

Introduce how to setup Jekyll website on GitLab Pages.

Jekyll - Math Symbols with MathJax

Display mathematical notation in web pages with MathJax.

Generating Diagrams and Flowcharts with Mermaid

Generate diagrams on web page with Mermaid.

Jekyll - Diagram with Mermaid

Use Mermaid in Markdown to draw diagrams.

Jekyll - Pagination

Add pagination buttons for every page.

Jekyll - Progress Bar

Show progress bar when page is loading.

Jekyll - Highlighting

Highlighting with highlight.js.

Deploying Personal Website with Custom Domain

Setup personal website with Github page and custom domain.

Deploying Jekyll Website to Netlify

Deploy static website built with Jekyll to Netlify.

Jekyll - SEO

Optimize the website to improve the rankings.

Jekyll - Security

Scan website security vulnerabilities and fix them.

Personal Site

Services/tools used for building personal site.

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These are the docs

Jekyll Frontmatter CMS

This is a new article on how to use Jekyll and Frontmatter to build a CMS.

Set up a WSL development environment

Set up a WSL development environment

Get started using VS Code with WSL

Get started using Visual Studio Code with Windows Subsystem for Linux

bootstrap cheat sheet

Cheatsheet · Bootstrap v5.3 On this page Contents ...


Jekyll is a static site generator. It takes text written in your favorite markup language and uses layouts to create a static website. You can tweak the site...