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By Amr

Show progress bar when page is loading.

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Show progress bar when page is loading.

1. Progress Bar

Nanobar is a very lightweight progress bar which generates a highly customizable top bar.

2. Generate Top Bar

2.1 Download Nanobar

Download and extract the latest release. Unzip the package and copy the nanobar.min.js file your project or website folder, for example /assets/js/nanobar.min.js.

2.2 Include Nanobar

Edit _layouts/default.html, insert script tag and set src to the path of the minimized version nonabar.

<script src="/assets/js/nanobar.min.js"></script>

2.3 Nanobar in Html

Edit _layouts/default.html, add nanobar below the navigation bar.

  <nav class="navbar navbar-expand-lg bg-dark fixed-top navbar-dark navbar-custom">
  <div class="nanobar" id="top-progress-bar" style="position: fixed;">
    <div class="bar"></div>

2.4 Customize Top Progress Bar

Add the following css for nanobar into /assets/css/main.scss.

.nanobar .bar {
  margin-top: 56px;
  background: #1cc927;

2.5 Invoke the Progress

Create nanobar with javascript and assign it to div with classname nanobar. Notice, the progress is dummy. It is fixed with three steps.

<!-- add dummy progress bar -->
  var options = {
    classname: 'nanobar',
    id: 'top-progress-bar'
  var nanobar = new Nanobar(options);
  nanobar.go( 30 );
  nanobar.go( 76 );

2.6 Test

Access any page, there is a green top bar below the navigation bar. image

3. Reference