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By Amr

Current Features

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Table of Contents

Current Features

  • Github Pages compatibility
  • giscus.app/
  • Jekyll Admin
  • MathJax
  • Bootstrap 5 CDN
  • Algolia Search indexing
  • Jekyll Site Generation
  • Travic CI Build Automation
  • Health Status/Monitoring (Build)
  • Dark Mode toggle
  • JQuery Plugin
  • Auto generated right side bar TOC
  • Right side quick edit links to GitHub and VS Code
  • Left sidebar site Navigation (based on nav data file)
  • Code Copy button
  • Back to top button in mobile view w3schools
  • Category filter for posts
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • Programming Language cheat sheets
  • data file generation program
  • infinite scrolling landing page
  • Landing page site intro based on features

TODO: Requested features

  • Add create new post/feature button
  • add automated changelog page
  • add 3rd level nav bar drop down option
  • automate pull request to publish to gh-pages
  • create custom svg icon
  • quick view of post contents/reading time
  • Adjust menu toggle in Mobile view
  • leader board for level progression
  • Add keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctl + / to toggle search)
  • Build Site map page example
  • Publish training article on Programming Historian
  • Add search functionality
  • Add tab functionality https://idratherbewriting.com/documentation-theme-jekyll/mydoc_navtabs.html
  • Add GUI instructions for the n00bs
  • Add language title to code blocks
  • Integrate Jupyter Notebooks into the site
  • add embedded todo button for viewing
  • update SEO, document setup https://jsinibardy.com/optimize-seo-jekyll
  • add next/back button to turn pages
  • enhance right side bar design - example
  • Cross reference features to documentation
  • alternate TOC structures (easy/med/hard) (pc/mac/linux) (by role)
  • add a tool kit page with all software tools used
  • Contribution Instructions
  • add plugins without plugins
  • Auto integrate/embed source code files into documentation
  • UI testing automation - Selenium
  • page revision view (diff)
  • integrate kanban board
  • build account based system
  • simulate generic business operations
  • build backend todo interface checking
  • Build note to article function/workflow